The Center for Creative Placemaking is engaged in the development of a new tool to measure the impact of Creative Placemaking in communities.

Most significant change (MSC) is a story-telling method to identify positive changes that have occurred as the result of a planned intervention.

MSC is an advantageous process in the following ways:

  • MSC supports the development of clear program goals and objectives, essential for efforts to obtain funding.
  • MSC engages participants in a meaningful process and can enhance their sense of commitment to the goals and objectives.
  • MSC encourages collaboration and consensus-building among participants as they engage in dialogue to determine the story that best represents the desired change.
  • MSC stories can identify difficulties in program implementation, providing clear evidence for a point of intervention.
  • MSC over time can give useful information about progress toward desired outcomes.

Under the leadership of Dr. Marion Terenzio, former Vice President of Bloomfield College and CCP board member, and affiliate member, Dr. Patricia O’Connor,  Director of The Center for Community-based Evaluations at The Sage College, a  pilot has been completed with the Monmouth County Arts Corridor Partnership (MOCO.)