CCP Training Programs

  • Do you manage a small arts organization needing more exposure?
  • Are you responsible for the economic development docket at your foundation?
  • As a realtor, do you think about the value arts can bring to your communities?
  • Is your Green Team looking to develop your arts and culture action steps?
  • Has your community planner integrated the arts into your master plan?
  • Have you thought about incorporating creative placemaking into your economic development plans?

CCP leverages relational expertise in real estate, economic development, planning, community outreach and engagement, social media and the arts and culture to offer a comprehensive perspective and approach to ensure successful Creative Placemaking outcomes.


CCP offers in-depth sector-specific training in order to help professionals and students learn how to apply their unique skill sets and experience to community planning, with a special focus on the creative sector.


  1. Develop and provide workshop for target-specific training in the practice of Creative Placemaking
  2. Provide a broad range of consultancy services for communities toward their planning and implementation of Creative Placemaking – related activities.
  3. Offer professional development training and skill-set development on how to create and manage Creative Placemaking-related activities in communities.
  4. Provide professional planning service including community visioning and asset identification, cultural and arts planning, municipal planning, and organizational strategies.
  5. Offer mentoring in leadership and professional development training.
  6. Evaluate project and develop program indicators that support strategic organizational decision-making and provide effectual measurements for success.
  7. Offer customized Creative Placemaking training to the staff and/or clients of community organizations, government agencies, NPOs and corporations.

CCP partners with organizations such as Sustainable Jersey, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, Together North Jersey, Creative NJ, Downtown NJ and many others that support community based, grass roots actions towards Creative Placemaking.

Professional Certification

Currently Available Workshops and Bootcamps:

Creative Placemaking Planning for Real Estate Professionals

Creative Placemaking and Community Stewardship

Rural Creative Placemaking and Brownfield Site Redevelopment Bootcamp

Creative Placemaking and Economic Impact in New Jersey

Creative Placemaking, Tourism and Workforce Development

Creative Placemaking for Professional Artists

Creative Placemaking Planning

Creative Placemaking in Social Context

How to Get Feet on the Street through Creative Placemaking


 For more information on these and other training programs, contact us! 
 We also provide customized training and presentations developed to serve your particular needs.


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