How can the average person perceive modern art?

The most important thing in this question is to realize that the concept of “art” is perceived differently by everyone. There is no single definition or framework for it. The American sculptor and master of minimalism Donald Judd once said: “Art is anything that counts as art.” At the end of the 1960s it found freedom from all the established rules and restrictions, becoming something completely new and amazing. But how can a completely ordinary person truly experience it? Especially when contemporary art is so boundless and multiform.

Modern art and its place

Some artists express their attitude to art and its dependence on money and the art market by using the significance of art. For example, Urs Fischer. This American artist has an unusual and striking installation called “You”. From the first seconds it leads a person into a state of incomprehension of what is happening. In the middle – a large earth hole in the floor, and around it are simple white walls of a cube. What did the author want to show by this? Perhaps that many of us, standing on the ground, are unable to see anything but our own selves.

Modern Art and Social Attitude

In addition to its aesthetic function, art can express the author’s civic position. Chinese artist Ai WeiWei uses such methods. This gloomy boat contains 300 inflatable human figures – adults and children. With this installation he appealed to the Australian authorities to be understanding and humane toward refugees.

Art as a struggle against fears

Contemporary artists often resort to unusual ways to address our fears. Yayoi Kusama uses peas and organic shapes for this purpose. She finds some connection between them and her childhood trauma, which ultimately helps Yayoi to deal with it.
Maurizio Cattelan likes to use shocking means to confuse us. One only has to think of his sculpture, which stands at the gate of a building in the former Warsaw ghetto.

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