Welcome 2019!

2018 was a year for the Center for Creative Placemaking to make many strides toward our mission of advancing the field of practice of Creative Placemaking.  Through workshops, consulting, leadership and engagement opportunities, we have forged new relationships and are collaborating to see positive results in NJ and the northeast!

Without doubt, the most significant achievement was the launch of the Certificate in Creative Placemaking at NJIT.  Eight dedicated diverse sector professionals from around our state came together 2 nights a week from mid-September through early December to join a 12-member faculty cohort on the NJIT campus for broad examination of and robust dialogue around the complex field.

Currently the students are working in their communities to apply the CP process and principles we have studied to fulfill the “practicum” portion of the course requirement.  The actions that each have chosen to do are varied, creative and tremendously exciting.   Each of the practicums is simply the start of their larger vision which will be shaped through engagement within the very communities they serve.   We’re going to be seeing great accomplishments in NJ municipalities from these new CP leaders!

On this first day of this new year, I look at 2019 as a year of deliverables and opportunities.  In addition to the graduation of our first class of Creative Placemaking Leaders, we will anticipate the unveiling of the Morris Canal Greenway Redevelopment plan within the next few weeks.  Within NJTPA/TNJ’s Livable Task Force, we will finalize a new Greenway Guidebook and Access to Healthy Food research report.  The completed Western Highlands Scenic Byway management plan will be adopted and we will launch infrastructure strengthening measures and marketing efforts for our state’s newest scenic byway.  In addition, the Scenic, Wild Delaware Geotourism council will continue to strengthen our relationships within the 9-county region of the Upper Delaware River in NJ, PA and NY by providing more educational tools as well as engagement, stewardship and promotional opportunities for area businesses and organizations.

Continued partnership and engagement will also take place with our colleagues at Creative NJ and its latest Call to Collaboration in Newark, and with Sustainable Jersey, NJ Future, Civic Story and numerous others.   Opportunities abound to continue integrating CP education and engagement within the university as well as to dialogue with professors and administrators around the country regarding Creative Placemaking in higher education and Arts in Health.  And last but definitely not least, we look forward to welcoming a new class of dedicated professionals for the Certificate in Creative Placemaking in the Fall at NJIT!

2019 is going to be a GREAT year and CCP looks forward to

‘making it happen’ with YOU!