Announcing a New Course: Creative Placemaking Planning for Real Estate Professionals

Creative Placemaking is emerging as one of the most comprehensive and vital approaches to local development.   In partnership with community stakeholders, artists and cultural workers collaborate on planning in order to create places of vibrancy.  Creative places provide sustainable and improved quality of life for its businesses and residents.

The Center for Creative Placemaking at Bloomfield College is pleased to offer a professional training workshop designed for real estate professionals to help them become local leaders for Creative Placemaking Planning.   Realtors are critical to local development efforts and have the ability to influence significant investment action in their communities.   Realtors are uniquely positioned as the local market experts; and real estate developers and property managers are integral to municipalities’ creative placemaking planning and execution.   This program is targeted to professionals who are interested in or are already peripherally engaged in creative placemaking work.

Creative Placemaking Planning training will include a broad overview of what creative placemaking is and why this approach is so effective for sustainable development towards increasing community vibrancy, social equity and economic growth.   This training will help the real estate professional to:

  • Become a leader in helping to increase the value of the properties in their community
  • Become a leader in helping to improve the quality of life in their community
  • Learn how to foster cross-sector dialogue
  • Assemble the players for or become an integral part of an existing creative placemaking team
  • Be seen as both an expert and practitioner in engaging in placemaking

Real estate professionals will learn how to use their skill sets and resources to:

  • Analyze neighborhood, municipality, regional and national data to inform Creative Placemaking community planning.
  • Serve their consumer base which is desirous of living and working in places of quality. Realtors have the special ability to tell a story that creates excitement and action.
  • Apply their expertise in marketing in order to exert significant influence in the market place.

Through this course, we will also examine how to foster important financial, legal, construction, design, and trade relationships, all of which can contribute to a municipality’s success with and sustainability for their creative placemaking projects.

This course was developed by CCP team members who are licensed NJ realtors and have amassed broad based knowledge with both commercial and residential real estate.  In addition, these team members have extensive career practice in the fields of arts and culture as well as economic development.  The cross cultural approach instilled in Bloomfield College ensures that real estate leader trainees recognize the importance of diverse and inclusionary representation in creative placemaking endeavors

Creative Placemaking Planning for Real Estate Professionals

Day-Long Workshop—October 8, 2014 at Bloomfield College Library Room 205 (limited seating)

Registration Opens – August 25, 2014 at

To add your name to our wait list, email


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